Preamble of the Constitution

We are a peculiar and a resilient people, who must never compromise our worth and merit.

We are resolved and believe that our forefathers got it right when they penned the preamble of our constitution.  We are convinced that we must get back to basics and return to the old landmark that acts as a lighthouse when we lose our way.  We are a peculiar and a resilient people, who must never compromise our worth and merit. As they declared many years ago,

"The people of this family of islands recognizing that the preservation of their freedom will be guaranteed by a national commitment to self-discipline, industry, loyalty, unity, and an abiding respect for christian values and the Rule of Law; NOW KNOW YE THEREFORE; We the inheritors of and successors to this family of islands, recognizing the Supremacy of God and believing in the fundamental right and freedoms of the individual do hereby proclaim in solemn praise the establishment of a Free and Democratic Sovereign nation founded on spiritual values and in which no man, woman, child shall ever be slave or bondsman to anyone or their labour exploited to their lives frustrated by deprivation, and do hereby provide by these articles for the indivisible unity and creation under God, of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas".


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