Our Vision

The People's Movement will serve as a multifaceted organization to which all Bahamians can lend their talents and resources to construct.

Critical to the success of this Movement and the reconstruction and rebuilding of the New Bahamas, is the degree to which the Movement's governing structure reflects the hopes and aspirations of a people once oppressed. 

This mission then, demands the most progressive and liberating of all structures to ensure that those who want to be great are indeed servants of the people.

Understanding fully that absolute power absolutely corrupts, we must leave behind those days when nation building consisted primarily of a political or governmental body. 

Having said that, The People's Movement will serve as a multifaceted organization to which all Bahamians can lend their talents and resources to construct.

All hands must be on deck as we move forward, upward, onward, together.

We have acknowledged that our systems are broken and require an urgent overhaul.  Our walls of defense are eroded, and as such, more so than ever before, gatekeepers are called to man their posts.

As Nehemiah summoned all of Israel to play a role in its rebuilding, so has The People's Movement summoned us all to play our parts.

In this regard, the Movement has acknowledged the following and will reflect a structure to address these concerns: 

The Voice of the People

Our nation is at its best when the voice of the people is regarded in national decisions, laws and policies.  As such, this movement is committed to restoring that important component to nation building as part of our core values.


Spiritual Values 

No one can deny that our moral walls are eroded. The strength of our nation was not found in our large war ships, but rather in the degree to which our fore bearers gave us values that were enduring in nature, values that gave us a sense of community and fashioned us into a distinct people, a royal priesthood and a peculiar people.  This is who we were destined to be. This Movement sees the restoration of those values as our inheritance worth preserving. As such, we summoned gatekeepers rise to be counted.

Social Reconstruction 

The strength of our communities is determined by the degree to which we all have a common interest in the welfare and well-being of our brothers and sisters. Our walls were strong because our neighbors were not strangers. This Movement sees our social outreach and engineering as the glue that holds us together.  Looking out for the interests of another is what made us distinctively Bahamians. 

We seek to bring hope to a generation and a people who for the most part have lost their way.  Even at their best, many of our sons and daughters have fallen through the cracks. This pillar of The People's Movement ensures that all Bahamians are seen as both significant and valuable. This will enable us to restore communities and make them whole again. 


Economic Empowerment 

Few realize that the Bahamas is by far, perhaps the wealthiest place in the world, with unlimited resources. In the words of Dr. Myles Munroe,

"That this is paradise was more than rhetoric, this is indeed Paradise." 

Yet in this most wealthy place in the world, we have not been good stewards of that which was entrusted to us. Now more than ever before, we need gatekeepers to watch over that which was meant to sustain us a people, and by being so sustained, the words "liberation" and "freedom" will take on new meaning. 

No one is really free, except he be free economically. This is the journey that we must continue - Economic Opportunity and Freedom for all! 

The mandate to make wealth common in the Commonwealth is what makes this Movement imperative for all Bahamians. 

We must seize this moment now, for a generation not yet born, Gatekeepers we must be forever!


Governance by and on behalf of the people, should be just that - no more, no less. Those who serve, do so with a singular focus: to ensure that the interests of the people are best served.  Those offering themselves for public service, must ensure that laws and policies reflect the desires, hopes and aspirations of the people they were elected to serve.